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From Terror/Counterterror

First up is an old link from the Internet Speculative Fiction Database. It's most of the story's I illustrated for Asimov's and Analog magazines


Dell Magazines: Asimov's, Analog, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

   Vampire - The Masquerade
       Several Clan Books (I can't remember which ones specifically)
   Vampire - CCG
   Mage - The Ascension
     Virtual Adepts
     Cult of Ecstasy
     Technocracy - The Progenitors
  Wraith - The Oblivion
     The Face of Death
     The Heirarchy
     Love Beyond Death
     Wraith Players Guide
     The Quick and The Dead
     Necropolis Atlanta

Steve Jackson Games: GURPS: Auto Duel

Holistic Design:
  Fading Suns
  Weird Places
  Players Companion
  Lords of the Known World
  Merchants of the Jumpweb
  Dark Between The Stars
  Forbidden Lore: Technology
  Children of the Gods: Oban + Ukar

Midway: Mortal Kombat CCG

Wizards of the Coast: Lord of the Rings CCG, Dune CCG

Companion Games: Galactic Empires CCG

R Talsorian: Cyberpunk 2020, Castle Falkenstein

Dreamquest Games:
  Metascape: Guildspace

Chaosium: MYTHOS

Chameleon Eclectic:
   Babylon 5 Earthforce Sourcebook,
   Millenium's End:
     The Medellin Agent
     The Vehicle Sourcebook

Black Dragon Press:

Pyramid Magazine

Ad Astra Magazine

Nightfall Games:
  SLA Industries - Karma

Daedalus Entertainment

Myrmidon Press: Tempest of the Gods

Outpost Games:
  Aliens Among Us
  Screams in the Night

AGOH- XANADU 8 / DEEPSOUTHCON 43 (Apr 8-10 ’05)
AGOH - XANADU 7 (Apr 23-25 ’04)

Necropolis Atlanta

Errr..more but I cant think of any more right now. Ill add links and samples and stuff later