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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are you looking forward to Guild Wars 2?

I know I am! My main character, Dela Darklodina on Guild Wars just turned 5 last week. Between my children and I, we have 14 character slots. I think at least 4 of them are my mules!

I've tried tons of MMORPG's, but I keep coming back to Guild Wars. The game looks great, runs great and plays great. It does suffer from lack of anything meaningful to do once you've completed the main story arcs, but all games are like that. Right now, I'm mostly title grinding and finishing up The War in Kryta content, which is actually fun and challenging.

Well, finally Guild Wars 2 is going to make it out one day and I for one, am pretty stoked about it.

Do you play Guild Wars? Look me up in game and let's go Vanquish some areas!

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