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Monday, August 2, 2010

Do you want to take a trip to an uncharted, pristine land?

Brynn Metheney is a phenomenal artist I met on CGHUB  For the past two years, she has been working on a personal project. The Morae River.

The Morae River is the sole water source for all the inhabitants who dwell in the delicately balanced ecosystem of Solturna.

Brynn says, "The Morae River Project started out as an exercise in world building but has grown into a personal exploration in writing, drawing, and evolution. I have always had an interest in designing fictional organisms but had yet to put them into any sort of context. In spring of 2008, I decided to create organisms with the idea that they would evolve with and shape their environments.

The territory of Solturna with it's sole water source,
the Morae River
I’ve constructed a river and the ecosystems that might exist along it and have begun to make it my own. My effort is to represent the more notable of species to give you an understanding of Solturna, it’s flora, and fauna; to perhaps feel that these organisms are thought out, organized, and studied."

Brynn has set a fairly lofty goal for herself. There are over 46 million species of animals and 400,000 plant species just in this small slice of continent she has devised.

I encourage you to head over to The Morae River and spend some time living in Brynn's marvelous imagination!

You can also follow The Morae River on Twitter

More of Brynn's works and musings can be found at the following links.


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