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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ang Gouy. Works In Progress.

I love the creative process! I enjoy looking through other artist's sketch books because I feel that's where the raw, embyronic creativity begins. Only when the vision becomes placed on the page, does it truly begin to live.

I also enjoy it when artists post up a WIP, or Work In Progress. The most well attended panels I ever had at conventions were my demos. I would have about an hour to sketch an idea and then take it to as finished as possible.

Ang Gouy is a very accomplished graphite artist who regularly posts his works in progress. I really enjoy seeing how a piece develops and how each artist works from beginning to end.

Take a couple of minutes to visit Ang's Facebook Page or his Deviant Art Page. His beautiful portraits will pull you in and you will be entranced! His wonderful Grace Kelly is just the beginning!

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