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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CGHUB Challenge!

Saturday, I posted a bit about the awesome CGHUB site and got some shout outs tossed my way, which was a pleasant surprise, so thanks to Shane and the good folks at CGHUB! They encourage participation in their challenges and Jams like,  2D drawing Jams, 3D Jams, Storytellers and Creature Planets. Now they have a new one! CharacterForge! Check out the info, it's gonna be good!

I worked up a piece for Creature Planets, and the challenge is now open for voting! Never being one to shy away from shameless self-promotion, I ask you go look at all the entrants, which are all awesome, and no matter how you feel about the other illustrations...VOTE FOR ME!

Heh, just kidding. Vote for who you feel is the best! Of course, I did vote for myself. Who wouldn't? At least I'll have 'A' Vote! :)! That's an update for now. May post up something else later! Keep it Real!

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