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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crazy Day Tomorrow!

I discovered an interesting job lead yesterday. I have an interview scheduled tomorrow at 11AM. It doesn't involve art at all and is a 2PM to 10PM shift. My first "real" job was a 3PM to 11PM shift when I was eighteen and I really enjoyed it. It always gave me enough time to do stuff during the day and when I got home from work it wasn't so late, I felt super tired. Of course, with children home during the summer now and my wife going to school during the day and working at night, I like the idea of the children not being at home all day by themselves.

I been selling off a lot of my collectibles on eBay with some success. I keep losing money on shipping though! I have this really cool bike and action figure from AKIRA up for auction. It ends today so, check it out.

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