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Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Work

Good afternoon! Had a great Sunday at church this morning. Pretty awesome class and service. I'm working on a new painting now based on a sketch I did during a church service aver a year ago. I scribbled it out, tucked it away for a bit, refined it a little, tucked it away again and something happened yesterday afternoon to inspire me to work on it and finish it up.

I met Andrea Bianco through the ArtRage forums. He is a very talented artist and yesterday, he Tweeted about Behance and CGHUB. I knew about The Behance Network and had already set up a portfolio there, but I hadn't heard of CGHUB. So, I went to the site and was, as usual when I go to one of these places with ENORMOUS talent, throughly blown away! So, I made a page there, too.

As I was perusing their forums and having my head explode at the incredible artists, I came across a challenge they're having and thought this may work well as my submission. I'm currently in the roughing in stage and I hope I can actually find the time to, number one: finish it and number two: have the nerve to submit it!

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