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Saturday, June 19, 2010

This blogging stuff takes a lot of time.

Man, I've been messing around with this most of the day today, trying to figure out what buttons and widgets and boxes and links and crap to add to this blog. For a guy who has little to no HTML, CSS, XYZ, LMNOP knowledge, it's not that hard to find what you're looking for. Any search like "How do I add a blah, blah, blah to my blog" will give you enough results so you can figure it out. Combining it all on your page is not that bad either. I couldn't get my Facebook and Twitter share buttons to line up correctly, so I just tossed the Twitter one away. When I wanted to do something, and it actually worked, a hearty "Boo Yah!" became appropriate.

It seems like they hide a lot of this stuff so the average Joe Internet can't find it. It's just complicated enough to weed out the folks who don't know where the on button is on their computer.

BTW: Space Ghost is awesome. I use to work with George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost, back in my advertising days. Funny guy.

Well, I think I am finished messing around with this episode for today. Until next time. Keepin' it Real. (I borrowed that from our Sunday School Class)

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  1. Oh yeah, I found it was more simple just to add the share it box to th end of my posts instead of trying to do them all individually. That was getting nasty.