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Monday, June 21, 2010

Too much coffee and too little food!

It's currently Monday afternoon. 3:38PM as I type this. I have had too much coffee and too little food. I think I had a bowl of off brand Honey Nut Cheerios around noon. I've been multi-tasking so much today, I've lost track of time.

I've been looking at so many job boards and filling out on line applications so much my head is exploding! Some of the applications are mind boggling long and retarded! I was applying for a laundry truck driver position and there was an entire section of photos where they would show you a picture of something and how everything was perfectly arranged and then you would be shown another photo with some stuff messed up and you had to pick how many things were wrong! WHAT?! That was really strange.

I sent out a few messages and emails trying to drum up work, not only in illustrating but doing some social media work for clients. I'm waiting to hear back from a job interview I went on Friday. We'll see.

My cars are still dead. I need to go running or find something to do for exercise.

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